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See the world

With GCO, you can earn and save while you work and play! One of the greatest benefits is to travel and see the world, immerse yourself in various cultures, and experience new destinations as locals do. Our ships navigate around all continents, and you could find yourself in Europe, Asia, South America or Australia to name just a few parts of the world.

With your onboard team you will travel to many exotic places, immerse in different cultures, and experience captivating scenery that will leave you with a lifetime of memories. We promise you will never forget this amazing journey.

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people in the casino
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At GCO, you can work and travel with your long-term partner as our scheduling team will make a concerted effort to assign established couples on the same vessel. Sharing quality experiences with those you love the most is priceless, and assigning couples together is what differentiates us from other employers in the industry.


You will be able to experience so much of the world while on board with us. We are lucky enough to have team members from all over the globe. Diversity is what makes our team great. Here, you will be able to meet, work alongside with, and most importantly, befriend people from places you may have not even heard of. We strive to make our ships a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of their gender, race, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, age, disability, sexual orientation or sexual identity or any other background/experience that makes our people who they are.

We value each of our team members opinions, points of view, and input. Having a diverse team helps us be successful in achieving our vision of an engaged team providing warm, hospitable courteous and professional service to a broad spectrum of guests.

Team GCO is made up of over 80 nationalities

Growth & development

We are the biggest casino operator on cruise ships and we’re growing rapidly. We usually put, on average, 3 new ships in the water each year, and that means the team is constantly getting bigger; more positions, more responsibilities and countless opportunities for those who aspire to grow their career. We are looking for people who are willing to learn, adapt easily, and are ambitious to succeed.

Our leaders put a lot of effort into training, mentoring, and coaching our staff to be the very best they can be.

Global Casino Operations Promotions

We pride ourselves on prioritizing the growth and development of our team members. Check out our 2023 promotion statistics below.

3,200GCO team members

1,001GCO team members were promoted in 2023

31%Of workforce promoted over the year of 2023

Our Culture

Our six culture essentials speak up, improve, respect & protect, communicate, listen & learn, and empower, are ingrained in all interactions and processes. When our culture essentials are embodied by our team members, we as a group continue to grow together and work towards our goal of being the preferred employer within the cruise and gaming industry.


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    See something, say something

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    Talk openly about our values and priorities and act as we expect others to

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    Focus on compliance and our performance as a team

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    Listen to each other, be accountable for our actions and learn from our mistakes

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    Our people, the planet, the law and our Company

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    Give our teams what they need to succeed


At GCO, recognition is very important to us. Our annual T.O.P. Awards program is a recognition program that recognizes excellence in six categories across our nine corporate brands. The categories are rookie of the year, coach of the year, innovator of the year, guest service champion of the year, team of the year and the lifetime achievement award. This program gives team members the opportunity to recognize one another and all of their great accomplishments. Check out what the experience looks like!

This is how we have fun!

On a quarterly basis, our shipboard team members participate in a team building event. Our team members engage in many activities ranging from barbeques to stingray adventures and more. See photos from these fun events!

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