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Cruise Ship Staff Amenities

Space, of course, is at a premium on a ship, and all casino staff share a cabin with one other member of staff. Rarely will you need to share with another member from a different department, but it does happen occasionally.

Your digs are ‘cosy’ – you have enough personal room but don’t expect to be boarding in Ritz Carlton like accommodation. Your cabin is your home and is a place where you go to rest and relax. Cabins are provided with bunk beds, a shared bathroom, a couple of closets (one per team member), a shared desk, television and DVD player.

Since you’ll be living in close quarters with your roommate, your cabin must be kept clean at all times. Your cabin steward will provide you with clean sheets and towels, but will not pick up after you.

In order to protect the upkeep of ship's property, and ensure cabins remain clean and tidy, your cabin will be inspected periodically by members of the Security Department, accompanied by a Casino representative.

Though your cabin is your home, you don’t need to spend all your ‘down time’ here. There are facilities onboard which you will be allowed to use, though some restrictions may apply (based on the busiest periods when guests are using the area). Such ‘perks’ can include use of the guest swimming pool on port days, the guest gym in quieter time periods, as well as the use of crew only recreation areas with dart boards, ping pong table, internet café, etc during opening hours.

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