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Casino Supervisor 2

Position Overview

A Supervisor or Inspector has to be competent and floor-experienced in Blackjack, Roulette and all Poker variants at a licensed casino.

The Supervisor is responsible for guest enjoyment and satisfaction while observing games, players and staff as a Supervisor. The Supervisor will ensure the integrity, security and profitability of the table games by enforcing policies and procedures in accordance with the GCO Gaming Manual.


Ensure that all gaming operations are carried out to the highest standard of efficiency, security and customer service in accordance with the Global Casino Operations (GCO) Manual.

Primary Job Functions

1. Assist in any duties of a safety nature as requested by Ship’s Command, i.e. safety drills; port manning or cabin inspections.

2. The primary goal of the Casino Supervisor is to maximize revenue in his / her assigned area.

3. Have a sound working knowledge of the GCO Gaming Manual and the procedures within.

4. Monitor gaming table action, in an effort to identify and correct any procedural violations which could affect the security of the games, the enjoyment of the Guests or the revenue capacity of the Casino.

5. Monitor the table games for any play that could have a major impact on the revenue of the Casino and ensure that the integrity of the game is not compromised by either a Guest or a member of staff.

6. Report discrepancies, suspicious activity or incidents of a doubtful nature to the Casino Management.

7. Supervise all transactions taking place on the tables and maintain an awareness of table win or loss results.

8. Promote the highest standard of guest courtesy through interaction with Guests, with a goal of increasing overall business potential.

9. Attempt to resolve any Guest disputes that may arise and report all unsettled claims to the Casino Management immediately.

10. Ensure that the appearance of both staff and equipment reflect the very highest of standards.

11. Assign staff members to the tables with use of a schedule, ensuring Dealers are correctly placed, according to business acumen and operational needs.

12. Provide instructional guidance and training, to improve and maintain standards of dealing referred to in the GCO Gaming Manual. Embrace, cultivate and inspire all aspects of Culture Essentials within the team.

13. Maintain security requirements: key controls, card / table floats, dice and numeric forms.

14. Complete all required documentation and sign accordingly. These would include but are no means limited to: Table Inventory Slips; Pit Error Notifications; Table Fill / Credit Requests; Daily Rundowns; Genesis Ratings; Markers; Onboard Accounts; Cards Dice Disposal Forms and Key Logs.

15. Assist and verify all hand paid jackpots and hopper fills according to GCO policies and procedures.

16. Perform revenue counts as instructed by Casino management, i.e. soft count; stacker and / or coin counts.

17. Assist the Casino Manager in the evaluation process, providing feedback about every facet of a Dealer's performance.

18. Perform the duties and functions of a Dealer, if, and when required.

19. Co-operate with the Casino Manager to help ensure the efficient operation of the Casino and to carry out any additional duties as requested.

Additional Responsibilities

1. Perform a complete audit of a Cashier bank as necessary, thus clarifying that the funds therein have been accurately recorded and that they are in agreement with imprest amounts.

2. Maintain a thorough knowledge of the Ocean Players Club in so far as the player monitoring system is concerned.

3. Arrange appropriate complimentary beverages for Guests as per current policy.

4. The Casino Supervisor is responsible for the upkeep, change and maintenance of all table gaming layouts as required.

5. Supervisors will have meetings between themselves and with their Dealers, to discuss and answer any questions with respect performance, procedures, etc.

6. Transfer to other vessels within Carnival Corporation, when deemed necessary by members of the Casino Executive Office.

NOTE: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the Casino Operation.


Grow your Career

We’re the biggest casino operator on cruise ships and we’re growing rapidly. We usually put, on average, 3 new ships in the water each year, and that means the team is constantly getting bigger. More positions, more responsibilities and countless opportunities for anyone that’s ready.


Cruise Ship Staff Accommodations & Working Conditions

  • You will work 7-days a week onboard for approximately 8 hours per day.
  • There will be shifts or full days off on a rotation basis with all other casino staff, in general you should expect a day off every few weeks.
  • When the ship is in port, many crew members take the opportunity to go ashore to tour, shop, dine, call home, etc.