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Cruise Ship Staff Accommodations & Working Conditions


  • You will work 7-days a week onboard for approximately 8 hours per day.
  • There will be shifts or full days off on a rotation basis with all other casino staff, in general you should expect a day off every few weeks.
  • When the ship is in port, many crew members take the opportunity to go ashore to tour, shop, dine, call home, etc.


  • Your crew cabin has 2 bunk beds, 1 desk and a chair, T.V. and telephone. Space is tight.
  • Team members share a cabin with one other staff member.
  • You and your roommate are responsible for keeping your cabin clean and tidy at all times.
  • Towels and linens will be provided regularly, and at the very least, once a week.
  • No guests are allowed in crew cabins!    Any violation of this rule will result in termination/dismissal.


  • All meals and snacks will be served in the crew/staff mess. Some brands provide our staff with Lido dining priveleges, with restrictions.  Our guests must always come first, and there will be periods of time when the area is off limits to staff as it is very busy with paying passengers. Any restrictions that do apply to you as a crew member will be explained to you by the management when you board your ship.
  • You will have half an hour for each mealtime when on duty.
  • Meals are buffet style; serve and clean up after yourself.
  • Menus change periodically and most ships try to cater for staff from all around the globe.
  • You are not permitted to remove any food or utensils from the mess/dining room.



  • The Crew Gym is for all crew members available at posted hours.
  • You can purchase toiletries, cigarettes, chocolates, and other necessities needed onboard at the Crew Shop.
  • The Crew Bar operating hours and rules are to be adhered to at all times.
  • You are not permitted to become inebriated or intoxicated while on your contract. You are not allowed to drink alcohol while on duty. Violation of either of these rules is grounds for dismissal.
  • Crew Enrichment/Welfare will provide crew activities and events for all the crew members. Since our working hours can be late into the evening we don't always get the opportunity to take full advantage of these events.
  • Only employed crew members are provided living accommodations onboard.


  • The Internet Café is available for all crew members during posted hours. Internet access is available at reasonable prices.
  • Phone cards will be available onboard. Keep in mind that your phone may work in some of the different ports. Be careful at sea because international roaming charges will apply and can be very expensive.
  • Wi-Fi is readily available throughout the vessel. You can bring your own electronic devices to use. You will need to purchase internet access/minutes and configure accordingly.


  • The Captain of the ship is the commander of all and the final decision maker. The Casino Manager is the Head of the Department, and is effectively the person you report to each day.
  • Career growth is offered through internal promotions. You can apply to the positions onboard as they become available.
  • Numerous training sessions will be available onboard to enrich your knowledge in different aspects of the business.


  • No cabin parties are allowed.
  • We have a zero tolerance drug policy with random testing.
  • Drug possession, transportation and usage are causes for immediate termination.
  • We also have a zero tolerance for harassment of any nature. Every crew member is responsible for keeping a safe, harmonious environment onboard.

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