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Casino Manager

Position Overview

The Casino Manager is empowered to exercise direct operational control over all areas of the Casino Operation onboard a vessel and shall ensure the smooth, safe and efficient running of the entire Casino. In order that this can be achieved, the Casino Manager is expected to spend most of their time as a visible presence both in and around the table and slot areas.


Ensure that all accounting, gaming, marketing and technical operations are carried out to the highest standard of efficiency, security and customer service in accordance with the Global Casino Operations (GCO) Manual. Responsible to ensure that all revenue opportunities in all Casino areas are maximized.

Primary Job Functions

1. Assist in any duties of a safety nature as requested by Ship’s Command.

On CCL ships, as part of safety responsibility, this Position/Rank has been identified as a “Trainer” within the Training, Drill and Assessment program.

2. Ensure all revenue opportunities are maximized and that the entire management team practices prudent cost controls.

3. Has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the GCO Operations Manual.

4. Enforce procedures and policies relative to all areas of the Casino Operation – tables, slots, auxiliary revenue areas (Video Arcade, Hybrid Games, etc), accounting aspects.

5. Continuously promote the highest standards in guest courtesy through interaction with Guests, the goal to increase overall business potential.

6. Resolve complaints / disputes with Guests as quickly and as amicably as possible. Any unresolved Guest disputes/claims to be documented and reported per current policy and procedure to the Casino Executive Office.

7. Be fully aware of the current situation regarding the Casino’s revenue and how it compares with what is budgeted.

8. Monitor the slot and table areas for play that could potentially have a major impact on the revenue of the Casino; monitor all auxiliary revenue streams: Video Arcade, Hybrid games, electronic gaming tables and any other revenue initiative.

9. Safeguard assets. Must ensure that the integrity and security of the table games, slots, auxiliary revenue areas and accounting areas are not compromised by either a Guest or staff member. 

10. Report discrepancies, suspicious play, activities or incidents of a doubtful nature to the Casino Executive Office. 

11. Complete all required documentation and reports in accordance with GCO policies and procedures. These would include but are by no means limited to Rating Summaries; Staff Evaluations; Incident Reports; Voyage End Files; Work Schedules, etc.

12. Maintain accurate records relating to the Operations’ Manual, Key Inventory and Casino Assets.

13. Respond to communication and requests from the Casino Executive Office and / or Ship’s Command in a timely manner.

14. Responsible for ensuring that new policies, procedures or changes to existing systems are introduced onboard their vessel and that these changes are fully explained to their staff.

15. Support, guide and advise his / her staff to reach their true potential and identify suitable employees for advancement.

16. Monitor, evaluate, discipline and /or counsel all Casino Staff per current policy and procedure.

17. Be responsible for creating a non-threatening and welcoming atmosphere for all employees. Embrace, cultivate and inspire all aspects of Culture Essentials within the team.

18. Ensure that the appearance of both staff and equipment reflect the very highest of standards.

19. Ensure a timely response to any area of the Casino Operation highlighted as being in need of corrective action. Such areas could include scheduling, opening and closing times, table limits, promotional events, personnel, etc.

Additional Responsibilities

1. Assist and verify all hand paid jackpots and hopper fills according to GCO policies and procedures.

2. Perform a complete audit of the main bank, thus clarifying the funds are accurately recorded and in agreement with the General Ledger shore side.

3. Maintain a thorough knowledge of the marketing aspects of the Casino Ocean Players Club and Slot Master / SURF (where applicable) relative to the player monitoring system.

4. Ensure that all promotions are effective from revenue, head count and cost aspects and that all are accurately recorded per current Casino protocols.

5. Liaise and attend operational meetings with Ship’s Command as required.

6. Co-operate with the Ship’s Command to help ensure an efficient operation of the Casino and to carry out any duties as requested.

7. Transfer to other vessels within Carnival Corporation, when deemed necessary by members of the Casino Executive Office.

NOTE: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the Casino Operation.


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