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Global Casino Operations Employee Testimonials 

We are an active bunch of people who engage – we get involved in life, work and play.  

We enjoy each other’s company, we’re open to meeting new people, and making more friends around the world.

We help one other, we pass on what we know and we learn from those around us – we know it makes us stronger.

Basically, when joining Global Casino Operations, we choose to remove ourselves from the security of our family and friends at home to become part of a new and exciting world onboard…it won’t take too long before you have a new network of friends onboard.  We’d even go as far as to say, some of your shipboard Casino colleagues will soon feel like family members to you.

Meet some of our team-members, in their own words:

Grecia 12916
 A little background…                                                                                                           

When did you join the GCO Team?  July 2014

Describe your current job. As a Casino Host 2, I am in charge of the marketing aspects in the casino, taking care of our valuable players, running tournaments, promotions, and to always create an enjoyable experience for our guests.

What are you currently focused on most? Currently I have been assigned to the World Cruise, and at the moment I am enjoying all the new places I'm traveling to.

What I love most about GLOBAL CASINO OPERATIONS. I joined GCO in 2014 as a Slot Attendant and since then, I have received all the necessary trainings onboard to move up to the position I have now. The support received by Management while working onboard and from the shore side Executive team has help me grow professionally during all these years. Besides that, I couldn’t go without mentioning my best friends from Brazil and Ukraine that I got to meet because of this job!

My best GCO memory. In 2016 GCO organized their 1st Host Conference in Miami, I was still a trainee host then but I got invited to it. I remember how this group of crazy and super fun people just made us feel like a big happy family! Lots of great memories from this trip.


Gian Carlo

 A little background….                                                                

When did you join the GCO Team? September 2015

Current Position: Casino Host 1

What are you currently focused on most? Exceeding our guest’s expectations and creating a fun environment for them while they are on-board. Expand my knowledge through training about the Casino Operation to climb up the ranks while having fun.

What I love most about GLOBAL CASINO OPERATIONS. The experience of working overseas, going to places that I did not imagine that I could go while being paid, and the chance to understand many different cultures.

My best GCO memory. During my first contract when I had to spent Christmas & New Year on-board the ship, the casino team made me feel as if I was celebrating the holidays at home.


 A little background…                                                                                                      

When did you join the GCO Team?  November 2015 

Current position. Casino Dealer 3 

What are you currently focused on most? I’m currently focused on expanding my knowledge, building my skills by looking for career opportunities and an environment which will allow me to be at my best.

What I love most about GLOBAL CASINO OPERATIONS. We have the chance to travel all over the world, and work in familiar environment; meet new people and different types of personalities that we enjoy working and spending our free time with.

My best GCO memory. There is not specific memory for me, is a journey and I try to take the best of it in any situation. I always remember people with their stories of life, happy or sad, and really makes me happy meeting them again.


GENEVY 12550

 A little background….                                                                                                             

When did you join the GCO Team? August 2013

Position: Casino Dealer/Cashier

What are you currently focused on most? I am currently focus on providing good service to our guests, have memorable experience on every contract, and on personal growth by accepting new challenges and responsibilities.

What I love most about GLOBAL CASINO OPERATIONS. Being part of the GCO team I am able to provide for the most importing thing in my life, my family. And because of this opportunity that GCO gave me I am grateful and I support them as they need me to. I also have the chance to see the world and meet different people from all over the world.

My best GCO memory. When I had the opportunity to act as a Head cashier; despite of the fear and the responsibility of taking this position my superiors were there to support me and help when necessary. And with encouragement through all challenges I encounter they made it easy and memorable for me. I would like to thank them for the big trust they impose on me. Additionally, another memory that I will carry all my life is, every time a guest takes time from their cruise personally thank me for the wonderful experience and good guest service we provided.


Kundai  - Pic

A little background…                                                                                                       

When did you join the GCO Team? January 2013

Describe your current job. Cashier/Dealer – I work it the Cage cashing out guest accounts & exchanging players’ chip and slot credit winnings for cash.  I handle event and ticket sales, and when I am needed in the Pit, I deal in the Pit.

What I love most about GLOBAL CASINO OPERATIONS. Working for GCO has helped me start building my own house and to be able to provide almost everything that my son needs. “This is the best job ever!”

My best GCO memory. When I was growing up, one of my dreams was to travel to Australia, and when I joined the GCO team I got to visit Australia, and so many other ports of call that I had no idea even existed.


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