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Global Casino Operations Employee Testimonials 

We are an active bunch of people who engage – we get involved in life, work and play.  

We enjoy each other’s company, we’re open to meeting new people, and making more friends around the world.

We help one other, we pass on what we know and we learn from those around us – we know it makes us stronger.

Basically, when joining Global Casino Operations, we choose to remove ourselves from the security of our family and friends at home to become part of a new and exciting world onboard…it won’t take too long before you have a new network of friends onboard.  We’d even go as far as to say, some of your shipboard Casino colleagues will soon feel like family members to you.

Meet some of our team-members, in their own words:

Linnea Sofie Delen


Linnea started working for Global Casino Operations in 2015 as a Dealer 3 on Holland America Line.   Now, three contracts later she’s working as a Host 1 and enjoying her time on ships more than ever.

One thing she loves about being on ships is that no matter where you go, you’ll never be alone - you’ll always become a part of the family.

I started working for GCO in 2015, ready to travel.  Two years later I have traveled almost all around the World…and gained friends from all over.  It’s an experience that has truly changed my life, and one I will never forget.



Juliet’s dream to travel around the world kicked off with a career onboard the ships as a cashier 2 in 2007.  Although she left GCO for a short time, she returned to our family in 2009.  In her time with us, Juliet has worked on a couple of different brands - Princess Cruises & Carnival Cruise Lines.  

She tells us she enjoys ship life and the experience it brings.  She loves exciting encounters and this is a place that suits her style and personality.

…working on the ships is all about combining adventure and a career together.  Every contract is rewarding and memorable.”


Stefan joined Global Casino Operations in 2008 as a Slot Attendant and, being a technically inclined person, concentrated his focus on learning all aspects of the Slot Technician role.  He was promoted to Technician 1 by the end of his 3rd contract and is currently a Slot Manager on Carnival Cruise Lines. 

He confesses that one of his best memories while working on board is meeting his wife onboard the Carnival Fantasy and now…being a proud dad…

‘’Global Casino Operations is a great Company to work for - you meet people from all over the world, begin unthought-of friendships and visit exotic places.  That, plus great job security, makes GCO THE place to work.’’

Natthaphon ('Jack') Surikunaphong


Jack joined HAL in 2008 as a Dealer 3 and later trained for, and was promoted to Dealer/Cashier during his 2nd contract.  His previous work experiences helped him carry out his duties professionally and he is currently managing the Cage Operation on one of the HAL ships.

He loves meeting people and exploring the remote corners of the world - he is very proud of visiting all seven continents, from pole to pole, from idyllic beaches to magnificent tidewater glaciers - all because of joining and working for Global Casino Operations. 

Seeing the Pyramids was one of my life long dreams… I get paid to go to beautiful places around the world - does life get any better than this?”

Pierre Rafael Orihuela Jauregui & Magaly Guevara Gallardo


Pierre and his partner, Magaly, joined the GCO family in 2015 – together.  Pierre began his journey with us as a Supervisor 1 and is so proud to work for the biggest Cruise Line Casino Operator in the world.  While he enjoys his work he loves that he gets to see all the exotic places that Carnival visits, and share these experiences with Magaly.

Pierre tells us “I’ve been working in the Casino Industry for almost 13 years, and I’m very happy to be onboard.  I know I have a career here, and my ultimate goal is to become the next Casino Manager...”

Magaly says “I really like working for GCO – you get so many chances to grow as a professional.  More importantly to me, GCO cares about the personal aspects of our lives – I’m with my boyfriend on the same ship and at the same time”.   

Tadej Magajna


Already in the business for 3 years, Tadej joined the GCO family as a Dealer 3 as soon as he was able to - at 21 years old.  He quickly realized that he enjoyed the Marketing aspect of Casinos, and made it his goal to be a Host, realized in less than 3 years with us.  He finds his work very interesting and now 9 years later, he travels regularly from ship to ship as a Premier Casino Host, a member of a select team that make our best players feel valued on VIP cruises.

Tadej likes to travel and this is the way to do it.  Even when he goes home for vacation, he makes time to travel all around the world to catch up with new friends he met on board.

If you like to enjoy life and your work, Global Casino Operations is the way to do it!  I have been here for almost a decade and I’m looking forward to many more.”

Sasho Veleski


Sasho has grown up with Global Casino Operations – we hired him as a Dealer 1, directly out of a training a school in 2012.  He’s learnt a lot since, and is now supervising!


He tells us that “working on ships is one of the best places for any person that like travel around the globe, meet people from a variety of other countries and make friends for life.  Working onboard has allowed me to visit amazing places like Alaska, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia but my favorite place is the Caribbean islands.  ‘Ships’ became my second home away from home.”

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