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Ocean Casino Jobs Advantages & Benefits

  • Meeting many new people from around the world. You will be exposed to a multi-national community as you are surrounded by colleagues in the casino and around the ship from places you have only heard of.

  • Some of these team-members you work with will become lifelong friends – you may even get to spend time with them in their homes when you are on vacation.

  • You could become expert at communicating in another language! English is the official language onboard for all staff in all positions, and you need to speak it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’ll be practicing your language skills immediately - as soon as you are hired!

  • Your roommate is unlikely to be from the same country as you so you will need to adapt to sharing your living space with someone else. Respect for one another’s privacy and tolerance of someone else’s differences in culture, religion and beliefs is expected.

  • There are 0 bills to pay onboard – the salary you earn is yours to keep, tax free*. No rent, no food costs, no transportation charges – all you need to pay for is your social entertainment (such as internet use or having a drink in the crew bar after work is finished for the day). It’s pretty easy to save a fair amount of money to go on vacation with. When you consider that you have very few expenses during your contract (room and board, basic health insurance, flights from the ship provided by the Company, etc.), it is possible to save much more money during one contract than most people would save in a year or more working a job back on land. 

    *With the exception of USCs.

  • You get paid to travel – we are literally GLOBAL. We have ships in Europe, Asia, South America, Alaska and Australia, just to name a few parts of the world. Not only are you able to see new places that your income at home could not support, but you get to visit them regularly (unlike our guests) to learn more about the local culture, beauty of the region as well as the best sightseeing to do.

  • The potential to learn is enormous. You will need the right attitude and willingness to expand your knowledge but there are so many training courses available, and we recommend you using them to your advantage. Training courses onboard are free.

  • The opportunity to grow and advance your career depends solely on you and your performance in and out of work. Ambitious, smart and hard working professionals will often succeed in reaching higher positions.

  • In the cruise ship business, you will learn so much from the different experiences you are presented with in this environment. As you are dipped into the international pool of people/attitudes/ideas and atmosphere, the knowledge you will gain and the skills you develop can be powerful tools to use in the next chapter of your life – working in a highly professional international environment can be very beneficial later, no matter what area you will work in.

  • After your contract, you will get 6-8 weeks vacation at home. It's unpaid, but you have earned a good amount of holiday time to properly enjoy your vacation and unwind with family and friends.  Or, perhaps you'd prefer to use this time to further explore this fascinating world of people and places, nature and beauty.
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