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Applying for a Job With Global Casino Operations

This is not a passive lifestyle, you will constantly be asked to participate and get involved – in and out of the casino! If you are not ready at this stage to do so, life onboard will not suit you yet. Below is more information to consider before applying to join our team.

  • Homesickness can be a problem for those working on a cruise ship, especially when joining for the first time. Remember, any position you apply for with us means at least 6-8 months away from your family and friends. You need to have an independent personality and possess the strength of character to be able to cope with this brand new lifestyle by yourself.

  • Safety is a huge part of our culture – we do our very best to ensure that our floating hotels are as safe as they can be at all times. That requires a lot of training and regular drills to practice emergency procedures – just in case!

  • In Port Manning (IPM) is something that each staff member will need to do, usually on a weekly basis. Simply stated, it means that on the port day you are designated with IPM duty, you can’t get off the ship since you are part of a skeleton crew who will respond to any safety emergency if it arises. However, you can still use the ship facilities onboard – you can choose to visit the (crew) gym, sunbathe on deck, visit the internet café to chat with family at home, or lounge around watching movies in bed all day!

In the below video our staff explain what In Port Manning duty is, and what they like to do while on IPM.

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  • Some extra duties exist that Casino staff perform to help out around the ship. Each of the brands we partner with has them but they do differ from one company to the next. If you ask our team members about these, they might tell you about ‘gangway duty’, ‘embarkation duty’, ‘Just Ask’, ‘credit card registration’ or ‘immigration services’ – one or other will apply to each of the brands we work with and everyone takes their turn at the applicable extra duty – it normally amounts to a couple of hours a week.

  • Working onboard is not a vacation – it can be hard work as everyone puts a lot of effort into making the cruise as enjoyable as possible for the guests. All in all, our staff regularly do about 60 hours a week – days off are given, usually once every few weeks, as we do our best to rotate scheduled time off fairly through the whole team.

You need to determine whether or not you are able to take on the financial commitment (in terms of the documentation you will need to obtain) that is part of getting ready to work onboard, so you need to be sure about it.

You also need to be mature enough to look after yourself, adapt to the rules and regulations in place onboard that make it a safe and comfortable environment for all of us, and possess enough sensibility to take full responsibility for your own actions.

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