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Life at Sea

Working in a Casino on a Cruise Ship; Your Life at Sea

Living at sea is totally different to living on land. Our ships are self-sufficient cities, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s a unique lifestyle, always fast paced, can be rather challenging at times, and might take you several weeks to become acclimated. 

It’s exciting and a bit overwhelming to leave your family and friends, but you’ll be sure to make lots of new friends onboard. In fact, most of our employees tell us the best part of working on our ships is the many new friends they make. There is never a lack of company around, and with most crew members being in their twenties and thirties, it isn’t hard to find something in common.

Here's a preview of several departments 'hard at work' participating towards the same end goal.  A large amount of teamwork went into putting this fun 'off the cuff' event together.  This type of project doesn't happen every day, but you do get a feel for the collaboration of many, across different divisions of the ship, getting involved and enjoying each other's company.

Normally, a typical port day in the Caribbean would consist of five or six friends jumping in a taxi for a day at the beach, stopping off for lunch, doing a little shopping and phoning family at home. You might rent a jeep for a drive up into the mountains of Puerta Vallarta to swing from ropes into the river and later, dine on fresh tacos and salsa. Another fun group trip is sailing a Catamaran to the local snorkeling spot, or taking a helicopter ride to the top of an Alaskan glacier!

And unlike the guests who are only on board for one cruise, team members visit these exciting ports of call week after week, so it doesn't take long to get to know all the best places to go, like the locals do!

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The Life at Sea Advantage

Living and working onboard is an experience we’d recommend to everyone to try at least once - given the opportunity we can promise you will never forget this avenue of life.

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13_your digs

Your Digs

Space, of course, is at a premium on a ship, and all casino staff share a cabin with one other member of staff. Rarely will you need to share with another member from a different department, but it does happen occasionally.

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our look

Our Look

Please review our documentation for an indication of the look and feel of casino uniform per position per brand.

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Your Safety, Our Security

As a new employee onboard, it's important to remember the specific rules and regulations that must be adhered to at all times.

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Forewarned, Best Prepared

You will work 7-days a week on board for approximately 8 hours per day. In general you should expect a day off every few weeks.

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