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Casino Jobs That Allow Covered Tattoos

As many express themselves through body art, tattoos are becoming more and more prevalent.  Some of our staff do have tattoos but they are never on display to our guests.  Body art that is exposed above the neck line is not deemed appropriate and candidates with such markings would not be able to board our vessels.

To give you some idea of what may be considered acceptable, we're giving you an example of camouflage that may visually accomplish this.

Some of our staff need to use ‘flesh’ arm sleeves like the below.  Our team members need to be willing to commit to wearing this at all times when on duty and/or off duty in guest areas.

The tattoo shown in Example 1 could be covered with a flesh arm sleeve that the staff member must buy.  The tattoo shown in Example 2 is small enough that it could be covered with a band aid.

Example 1

Example 2

  • Using make up as cover will not be acceptable.
  • Any visible piercing/s (except one set of earrings for females) are to be removed.
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