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A valid C1-D visa will allow you to enter the United States of America as a crew member, and work in American waters as a member of our on board crew. This visa is essential to employment as the majority of our ships enter American waters at some point during the calendar year as they change itineraries seasonally and relocate. Occasionally, we need to transfer staff from one vessel to another for business requirements, and having the correct visa to travel and join the assigned ship is vital.

Dependent on your nationality you may need other visas to travel freely, so always check on line if you are unsure, and read all the paperwork we give you thoroughly. If you have questions in this regard, you could also ask your agent (our hiring partner in your region) for guidance.

1. What type of visa should I apply for?

Non U.S. citizens (except Canadians) must possess a C-1 (transit) Visa and a D-1 (crewmember work permit) valid for multiple entries valid for at least 1 year. Additionally, dependent on your nationality and the ship's itinerary you may be required to obtain an extra visa - you will be advised once you have an assignment what extra documents (e.g. U.K/Schengen/Australian MCV/Canadian visa) will be required from you to join. Keep all the receipts for costs incurred for travel visas we need you to obtain to join the vessel. Bring these receipts onboard and we will reimburse you.

For Canadian Visa information, please click here. This information is available online at www.cic.gc.ca. We suggest that you visit this site often to ensure that you have the most up to date information possible.

2. I need help filling out the C1 - D application form…..

a. How long will I stay in the US?

If you are joining in a US port, you will only be staying overnight, so your answer will be ”In Transit” OR “Overnight”.

b. Who is responsible for my travel?

Carnival Corporation/Global Casino Operations

On your first contact the Company will purchase your ticket home to ship, this will be sent to you by e-mail in the form of an e – ticket. You will be required to repay the cost of $500usd once on board, within the first month.

We will provide a hotel the night before joining any ship, the cost for which is covered by the Company. Meals will only be provided to new hires (no alcohol). Meals for returning staff are at your own expense.

Your flight ticket ship to home is our responsibility – we will fly you to your country of domicile. Please refer to the Airline Ticket Policy, provided here, or once onboard, discuss ask your Casino Manager to explain the details to you. Some staff will be responsible for a portion of the airline ticket to the ship on 2nd and subsequent contracts.

Shuttle buses are usually provided from the hotel to the ship.

All this information will be included your joining documents that will be sent to you approximately two weeks before your arrival.

c. Person to contact in the USA

Global Casino Operations, telephone number is 305-406-4830.

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