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Do you have the qualifications to work on a cruise ship?

 Join the Global Casino Operations team today.

We’re delighted you’re thinking about embarking on this great adventure with us...we just want you to know a few things first.

We are always looking for upbeat, positive staff to join one of our teams onboard.  We have more than 100 cruise ships across 9 brands so your journey with us could literally start anywhere around the globe. We pride ourselves on the guest service we constantly deliver to our customers. Our players are the core of our business - high importance is placed on all of us to ensure each customer has a good time every time they visit.

Since you’ll be working in a vacation resort, we place a great emphasis on guest courtesy.  Staff working with Global Casino Operations must have an upbeat personality and optimistic outlook on life - it's essential.  Many guests are repeat cruisers and expect a high level of service onboard. The atmosphere aboard our ships is world-known for friendliness and we actively recruit applicants who will behave pleasantly towards our guests both within the casino and elsewhere on the ship.

For many of the positions available, you should have at least 1 year’s previous casino experience in a licensed establishment.  For more specialized fields, we also consider applicants with technical qualifications and/or relevant experience in non-related industries. There is plenty of scope to progress – we are growing all the time and those seeking the adventure could end up making a career of it as well.

Some of our staff chose employment with us because they could work and travel with their long term partner – sharing quality experiences with those you love the most is priceless, and we are the only casino cruise Company that really pays attention to this.  We do hire couples, if each applicant is considered suitable, and will do our very best to place partners together on the very first assignment.  For those successful in seeking employment with us to join a partner onboard, please bear in mind it can be a little tricky to place together initially, since there are logistical, berthing and scheduling concerns to consider. 

If you think you have what it takes, please apply here.  We will be happy to review your CV to find out even more about you, so please feel free to include your resume if you wish.

5_know before applying

What Else to Know Before

We’ve done our best to outline the benefits of working onboard to you but there’s a lot to consider.

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Passports and Visas for Cruise Employment

Your offer of employment is valid only if you area able to obtain a valid C1-D visa.

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Some of our staff do have tattoos but they are never on display to our guests.

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Casino staff are paid their wages bi-weekly.

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The Carnival medical is conducted by a number of accredited clinics around the globe,.

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4_hearing from us

Hearing From Us

If you apply, you will be asked to create an account before you start.

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business buddies

Our Business Buddies

Global Casino Operations Strategic Partners.

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BEWARE – Cruise Jobs Scams…

Pay attention, scammers will try many methods to get money and/or your personal details from you for their own gain.

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