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Are You Attached?

Cruise Ship Jobs for Couples

What Separates Us From The Competition?

Many of our staff are already in long term relationships before they join the Global Casino Operations team and have a tendency to apply together at the same time, or submit a resume because they want to join their partner that is already working onboard, be it in the Casino or another department.

We understand and respect that staff would like to live, work and travel with their partner, and if that is partly your motivation to reaching out to GCO you do need to let us know who your partner is (and where they work, if on one of our ships already).  With this knowledge, we commit to doing our very best to assign you together (or have you join the ship your significant other is already on).

You may have heard this about us already – it’s true – we are the only shipboard casino operator actively making significant effort to honor this request.

Just because you have a partner is no guarantee that you (or they) will be successful at our interviews.  Each staff member that is hired at our interviews has been positively evaluated on his/her own personality, technical skills and command of the English language – and is individually viewed as being a great addition to our shipboard team. 

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